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Cosplay Kitten


Over the years, some amazing artists have sent me many beautiful gifts in the form of artwork and photo manipulations that have been inspired by my costumes. I am always so flattered and astonished whenever someone is kind enough to do something like this, and it brings me great joy to know that I can inspire other people to be creative! I truly appreciate these gifts, and want to showcase them here.

If you want to use one of my photos for your drawing or photomanipulation, I'd be humbly honored! And if you have a piece of artwork you'd like featured here, please let me know!


From: Neal Miller


From: Richard Navarro

"The Phoenix"

From: Neal Miller

"Spartan Heidi"

From: deviouselite


From: Connor MacLeod

"Katt for Rasmirin"

From: Darth-Chaltab

"Heidi as Felicia"

From: SFLiminality

"Ryu's Dream"

From: Lady Yuna


From: Cassie


From: Chibi_EaRiSe_ff

"Resting Place"

From: Brittany Wolf