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Cosplay Kitten

Ryu Bateson

Breath of Fire II


My former beau was a non-cosplayer who put up with my crazy hobby for the longest time, and just once he agreed to cosplay with me. I had always wanted to do a couples cosplay for the longest time, and since I'd already made Katt from Breath of Fire II and had plans to wear her to the convention we were going to (and am also a shameless fan of the Ryu/Katt pairing), I couldn't help but dress him up as Ryu!

This is the very first costume I've made for someone else, and I'm quite proud of how it turned out. ^_^ The costume itself was relatively easy to make, although it did take some engineering to get all the little bits of armor to stay in place! The hardest part of all, believe it or not, was actually cutting and styling the wig to look like a more human version of Ryu's crazy 'do. I think he looked great though, and it was so much fun to actually be able to do a cosplay duo with someone!