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Cosplay Kitten

Female Assassin - Game Sprite Version

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online Assassin

My very favorite MMORPG is Ragnarok Online, and having done a cosplay of the concept art for the female assassin from the game, I just couldn't call it quits until I'd done a costume of the game sprite version as well.   ^_-   For some reason the female assassin has two different versions, as her game sprite differs a bit from her concept art. And although I love both costume versions of this character, I tend to favor the game sprite version more...since I based mine off my own assassin on the iRO Chaos server, Sree.

I'm incredibly happy with how this costume turned out. There were a lot of firsts for me in making it; I'd never styled or worn a wig before, and this was also the first time I'd ever sewn thigh highs or a bodysuit/leotard. I love the funky sakkat, which happens to be one of my favorite headgears in the game, and the metallic purple fabric I used for the outfit has much shiny goodness. I'd originally used fabric that was the exact shade as the game sprite's clothing, but it looked so flat and dull, I remade everything. And then, of course, I love my katars and my poring doll too!