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Cosplay Kitten

Female Assassin - Concept Art Version

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online Assassin

A devoted player of Ragnarok Online, I found Gravity's concept art for the female assassin from the game to be both unique and a little sexy; I just couldn't resist making a costume based off of the artwork.

It was pretty easy to make, since I already own a black catsuit and a pair of oriental sandals. I purchased some fabric to cut into strips for all those wrappings, and a piece of brown suede for the waistwrap. The ninja mask I found at a costume shop, and I cut the fingers off of a pair of evening gloves for my arms. The hardest part was making the shoulder armor; my first attempt failed miserably! Learning from my mistakes, I ended up making it out of *very* starchy paper maché and heavy craft foam, and it turned out much better. My only gripe is that this costume takes forever to get into...all those wrappings take an eternity to get just right!