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Cosplay Kitten


Phantasy Star IV

 Best Journeyman - Katsucon 2006

It's pretty obvious from my costumes that I'm a big fan of old school role-playing games. ^.^   One of them I've always appreciated is the Phantasy Star series for Sega; and though I like them all, IV remains my favorite due to its gameplay, illustrated cutscenes, and characters. Rika was on my cosplay list for a very long time, so when some friends invited me to participate in a Phantasy Star cosplay group for Katsucon 2006, I leapt at the chance to dress as this armored but adorable Numan girl!

Rika was my first experience with making wig dye and dying a wig, and the challenge to get her pinkish-red hair color was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about concocting different dyes, and how to use them! I also learned the art of cosplay cobblery...I got so sick of seeing 4-6" heeled thigh high boots in stores that I decided to just make my own...and they turned out amazingly well. I'm also very proud of how her armor turned out; it's fitted and comfortable, lightweight, and the whole deal collapses down into plates so it's very easy to pack in a suitcase!