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Cosplay Kitten

The Girl

Robot Carnival - Presence Segment

The Girl - Robot Carnival

This costume is very near and dear to my heart - Robot Carnival was the very first anime I ever saw, and it got me hooked. Presence was always my favorite was so sad and haunting, and to this day still strikes a chord in my heart. The Girl simply wanted to know the warmth of love...but sometimes people are scared of things, even when they also want them; and all too often, humans destroy what they fear and do not understand.

One of my favorite aspects of this costume is how colorful it is, and it was also so much fun to make! I had a lot of fun making all the ruffles and picking out different types of fabric. While sewing it was very simple and straightforward, a lot of love went into every's my tribute to the anime that got it all started for me. ^_^