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Cosplay Kitten


Record of Lodoss War

Pirotess - Record of Lodoss War

I'd been wanting to cosplay Pirotess from Record of Lodoss War ever since I first saw the OVA back in 2005, when I rented it from the local Hollywood Video. She's a strong, sexy character who is fiercely devoted to Ashram, the Black Knight, and I was just so drawn to her...perhaps it was the appeal of her tragic love for him. Sadly though every time I would organize a Lodoss cosplay group it would fall apart due to tight schedules and budgets, and I didn't want to be a lone dark elf, so the wig and fabric I purchased sat in a bin, collecting dust and waiting to be made into a costume. But fast forward five years into the future! After learning that a friend of mine had an Ashram costume, I dusted off my Pirotess supplies and set to work.

While the costume itself is fairly simple looking, it actually took about three days of tailoring the dress to get it to fit just right...without having anything, uh, fall out. =P The gold trim was also a bit time consuming to do, as were the boot covers since the leather I used was very difficult to work with. But I'm very happy with how it all turned out! The finishing touch was a spray tan at a salon.