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Cosplay Kitten


Final Fantasy X

 Judge's Choice - Otakon 2005

From the moment I saw Lulu's character, I just had to make her outfit. It's so unique and original, and looked like such a promising challenge...and it was! It took me three tries to design a successfully working belt skirt, and after painting her trim, I decided I didn't like it and went for embroidery instead. I put a lot of time into this costume (it was my pet project for nearly a year), but I'm very happy with how it turned out. It wears like normal clothing; I can easily move, climb, sit, even run in it, and it's sturdy and washable to boot.

I had the most fun adding my own artistic touches to make my Lulu costume stand out from all the others, as she's a frequently cosplayed character. There's the hand dyed, brightly colored embroidery and sequins I used as trim, as well as the beading on her corset and the beaded braidfall I made. Although it's not 100% accurate to her character art, it is 100% unique, and is one of my favorite costumes to wear...especially since Lulu's quiet, mysterious demeanor is so much fun to play. ^_^