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Cosplay Kitten


Breath of Fire II


 Craftsmanship Merit Award - Anime Central 2006

I chose to cosplay Katt for two reasons; Breath of Fire II is, and always will be, an awesome old school rpg. I own it and have played it to death repeatedly, and still haven't grown tired of it! My favorite character from the game has always been the spunky Woren gladiatrix, Katt. Additionally, I once belonged to an online roleplaying group called The Windia RPG, and though it has since closed down and many of its members have lost touch with each other, bringing Katt to life through the art of cosplay became my tribute and dedication to all those friends from long ago. Vicchan, Vaserl, Finn, Cale, Cara, Kaleb, Shadow Force...this one's for you, with love. ♥

Katt was a little bit of a challenge to create, as almost everything from her costume had to be made from scratch by patternmaking. I wanted this costume to be as accurate as possible while still being functional, and had a lot of fun thinking of different ways to make things work. As reference images were so hard to find, I ended up taking a few artistic liberties with her costume, such as adding jewels and metal studs here and there and changing small elements to its design, but I love how it finally all came together, especially with the airbrushed bodysuit.