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Cosplay Kitten


I've got a lot of my own ideas for costumes, and I enjoy making original designs just as much as I love replicating existing characters. This costume was inspired by an art project I had to do for one of my degree specific classes, Color and Design. We had to design a theme using black and/or white, and any one color, while infusing it with emotion. I picked green, and went with a "green with envy" theme...which inspired the idea for "Jaded". I also built up the costume around the color jade green, and as jade is predominantly found in Asia and has been used in Asian cultures for centuries in jewelry and decor, I also incorporated an Asian theme into the costume's design.

The robe was made from an altered pattern for a kimono, and I am proud to say I made the waist cincher completely from scratch by drafting up a pattern with muslin.  ^_^  I found the awesome shoes, which reminded me of geta and make me about 6 feet tall, at a thrift store for $3 and added small green jewels on them. I made the little haircomb out of leftover beads and ceramic flowers I had, and just had fun with styling the wig.