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Cosplay Kitten


I'd been planning a Dryad costume for some time, since I'm an earth sign and love nature. So when my friend Beverly made hers, it gave me a reason to start mine, so we could be a Dryad duo at Anime Central! Beverly's Dryad is very dark and unearthly, and while I wanted mine to be an opposite to hers, I didn't want it to be a sappy flower covered sugarpuff. So I tried to aim for the enchanting and ethereal aspect that nature has...full of life yet fickle and mysterious. I used a lot of greens, leaves, and just a few flowers in the headpiece along with a little bluebird and two butterflies to convey the sense of life in full bloom. I tried to capture the sense of a tree with the top and skirt; the top is made to give an impression of a tree trunk, and I wanted the skirt to capture the sense of movement you find when the wind blows through the trees and flutters leaves all over. Plus I wanted the costume as a whole to be very feminine, in par with the life-bearing aspect of earth and mother nature.

Overall, I'm very happy with how this costume turned out. It looks very simple at first glance, but a LOT of work went into it, especially when handsewing all the mossy bark and leaves onto the top. And fray-checking all the tattered layers on the skirt...ugh. I really had a lot of fun with it though! ^_^