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Cosplay Kitten

Celes Cheré

Final Fantasy VI

Celes Cheré
 Best of Show Runner Up - Anime Central 2005

I'm an old school RPG geek to the core, and one of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy III/VI. The game is full of interesting characters, each with their own story and depth; but Celes Cheré, the general with the pure heart and icy demeanor, has always appealed to me the most. She's a very strong and sometimes intimidating female character, with a rarely seen emotional side that slowly reveals itself as the game progresses. In many ways I myself can relate to Celes...haven't we all been in situations where our heart tells us we should be listening to it instead of the things we've been told to do?

I'm very proud of my Celes costume, which won Runner-up for Best of Show at Anime Central 2005. I designed it based off of Celes's gamesprite, as so few people cosplay that version of her; but to glitz it up with my own artistic touches, and the details it lacked in a 16 bit world, I researched the artwork of her character designer (Yoshitaka Amano) and then proceeded to build it up from there. What I ended up with is an "Amano-ized" gamesprite version of Celes. ^_^ I had so much fun making this costume, and although it's a little hard to get into the armor by myself, I love wearing it every chance I get.