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Cosplay Kitten


Soul Eater

Blair - Soul Eater

When a friend of mine introduced me to Soul Eater, not only was I hooked on the series from the start, but I was also completely enamored with Blair. She's a cute little magical cat who turns into a kittygirl witch and loves pumpkins! She also uses pumpkins with her magic, and has a hat that can change into a hand. I wanted to cosplay her not only because she's so adorable, but because her personality is similar to mine; Blair is very playful and loves to have fun, but also gets bored easily. She's also a shameless flirt! ^_-

While I love Blair's overall character design, my favorite part of her costume is her hat! It's SO much fun to wear, and the squiggle can be formed into different shapes and even bounces up and down when I walk. I'm very proud of it, especially since it's the first hat I've ever made. This costume is also very comfortable to wear since there's no armor or heavy layers, and it's a blast carrying around a pumpkin!