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Cosplay Kitten


Project A-ko


Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.

Project A-ko was the second anime I ever saw, and while I adore the series and have always loved it to pieces, the villainess B-ko has always been my favorite character and held a special place in my heart. Her antics to thwart the redheaded heroine of the series, A-ko, and to steal the friendship of the very naive little blonde C-ko are just hilarious and always good for a laugh, yet at the same time she's cool and calculated and probably the most levelheaded of the three. And then there's the fact that she has some really cool mechs and weapons, and gets to wear a sexy outfit! :D

I'd always wanted to make this costume, but I wanted to have the whole set of three main characters with me when I did. And I finally got the chance at Dragon Con 2008 when I was able to recruit my friend Elizabeth for C-ko and my friend Mandy for A-ko! Thanks so much for doing this with me ladies! ♥ This costume isn't finished by a long shot - I want to remake the rocket launcher B-ko wears on her arm, and also make her whip and the wings to her Akagayami-23 Battlesuit. I also plan on commissioning her helmet from a professional prop maker, so I hope to have that added to the costume soon as well. ^_^